Friday, 18 January 2013

Life after the iPad project ..

So I was in a meeting and was asked what happens at the end of the of the 1:1 pilot? What is the next step do we start a leasing scheme? What if students can't afford to join the scheme? I have always been wary of committing to such a scheme, as a parent I would be put out by a school demanding I join a scheme or my child would lose out. I have already heard of schools where this approach has failed. Added to that this Christmas tablets were the must have present. The new iPad mini was sold out everywhere and many students received a Kindle Fire HD or the Google Nexus 7 instead. So I can imagine many parents would be reluctant to payout again for another device. The iPad undoubtedly has it all, the ease of use, the cameras (front and rear) and apps galore but are we dreaming of an unachievable goal to have every child with an iPad? Perhaps we should rethink. We can create a school where we provide the infrastructure and students can bring whatever device they choose to access and create content, and collaborate with others. In the video below Stephen Heppel explains the "bring your own browser" concept. 

So if we are going to put the device and app issue in the hands of the students and just provide the infrastructure, we need to focus on how we can deliver content that all can access through a browser. We can still offer a leasing model but not make it compulsory for all. We can support those students who can not afford the devices and make sure everyone has access to a browser.

We already have ways of achieving this:

  • Our VLE Uniservity - soon to be Life
  • Our email system and Skydrive
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Edmodo

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