Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The first lesson

All went well on Monday when the iPads were given out to the 6th formers. There was a real buzz of excitement in the room. Now for the important stuff what to use them for.

My first lesson post exams with Y12 Economics and a chance to test their capabilities out with a group. We had a quick tour round of the software - Pages, Keynote, Inkflow and Explain Everything. Students have quickly got to grips with the device and seem quite attached. We then set up a group in Edmodo.

When we looked at the feature we agreed that this would be a useful tool for the group to share materials and ideas. (They also had some fun creating their profile pictures using the iPad). The great thing is that even if they all give the iPads back we can still use Edmodo through any web browser.

We then went onto our topic for the day Circular Flow of Income. Students used their iPads to take notes, view videos I had linked to Edmodo and research on the web. A successful start.

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