Thursday, 28 February 2013

Puppet Pals - Literacy

Just supported a colleague in the English department using the iPads and Puppet Pals. It was a group of lower ability Y8 students. The task was to use books to research animals, then create a Puppet Pal presentation to communicate the information they found in the book. This made them read/process the information and write a script rather than Google-ing and copy/pasting as many students do. The room had no wi-fi which meant that they could not be distracted by things they didn't need to look at. The students were engaged from the start, the task allowed them to explore their creativity. They all read and processed the information without any issues because they wanted to get on and create the presentation. Technology was not a barrier as the software is so intuitive. I was there to hold my colleague's hand but she was amazed at how little input was required from either of us. She noted how the students solved the problems they had by working as a team and were learning independently. A great lesson where all the students made progress and produced some fantastic work.

I am sure this kind of task would work with all ages and ability levels. 

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